Mourvèdre, Grenache, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan depending on the vintage. Harvested totally stalked. A long maceration period of up to 31 days.

Deep violet tinted hue. Lusty nose redolent of spices. Well structured with plenty of tannin. The bouquet carries hints of red fruits, and a final subtle hint of liquorice and violet.

Good with grilled meats using the herbs of the hillside terraces, tomatoes and olive oil, venison and strong cheeses.


Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah depending on the vintage. Direct pressing of the grapes harvested from September to mid-October. The fermentation lasts from 11 to 17 days in stainless steel vats. Blending at the end of January and bottled from May before maturing in air conditioned cellars.

Light rosy salmon-pink. Fine yet distinct bouquet with undertones of citrus fruits. Well balanced with a lot of personality.

Drunk at 12 to 14°C. Served as an aperitif. Good with courgette flowers, sea perch, or grilled mullet with thyme and spices, or to accompany outdoor summer cooking.


Mainly Ugni Blanc. Harvested in the second half of September. Pressed directly. Fermentation of 21 days in stainless steel vats and bottled in May. Matured in air conditioned cellars.

Pale yellow-green hue. Delicate clean bouquet with hints of fruit. Warm, rounded well balanced flavour.

Served at 12 to 14°C. Good with sea-foods, white meats, cheese and especially goat’s.

Area géographiquie of the medieval village of Castellet and Bausset.
Limestone, stonewares and marls of the marine upper Cretaceous ( secondary Mesozoïque)

50 hl in the hectare
Red 2000 boxes(cashdesks).
Rosé 3000 boxes(cashdesks)
Whites 200 boxes(cashdesks)