This year, we propose you to enter the areas Bunan Ruby Club.
This map will help you discover our vintage and certain privileged offers throughout the year.
The members of the clubreçoivent four bottles, Bandol of areas Bunan quarterly newsletter and revenue marrying wines.
. 15% discount on wines and products of Bunan areas ordered the cave or the various shows.
. Fields visit and tasting of the vintages to the barrel or the tank by appointment.
. Tasting group up to 6 persons including the Member of the club.
. Invitation VIP events and tastings.

4 or 6 cylinders depending on your choice, at preferential rates. The seasons, to accompany your meals and to enrich your cellar. You can also receive all of your bottles in one shipment.

Hiver 2015 - le 17 décembre

2 blancs Château la Rouvière 2014
2 rouges Château la Rouvière 2011
-15 % + Transport 16 € = 82.30 €

Printemps 2016. Le 21 Mars
2 Rosés 2015  Bandol Moulin des Costes
2  Rouges  2012  Bandol Moulin des Costes
Tarif communiqué en fin d’année

Eté 2016. Le 21 Juin2  Rosés 2015
Bandol Château de la Rouvière
2 Blancs 2015 Bandol Moulin des Costes 
Tarif communiqué en fin d’année

Automne 2016. Le 21 Septembre
2 Rouges 2011 Bandol Charriage 
2 Rouges 2015 Bélouvé Côtes de Provence
Tarif communiqué en fin d’année