Organic soil since 2008 ( ecocert )

On a (soil) of 5ha, our local wine of the pinkish and white red Mount Caume brings a youth in the vintage wines, some fruit...

Vines: color Syrah, Grenache: red in the reflections purple, red berries.
Nose: a deep dress, a fruity nose, fills: in mouth a beautiful tannic presence to be of use to 18 ° agreements dishes and wines: cooking of every day, barbecue, meal between friends
Rosé vines: Grenache, Cinsault

Color: Rose saumoné nose: spices, red berries
mouth: fruity, crisp,
lively and light to be of use to 18 °
agreement dishes and wines: apéritif, summer cooking(kitchen), pastas, salads, roasted chicken …