We are giving those who share our passion for wines and winemaking the opportunity to join the Domaines Bunan Ruby Club. By becoming a member of the club you will receive a card that entitles you to make the most of our wines, vintages and special offers all year round.


As a member of the club, every 3 months you will receive 4 to 6 bottles of wine at preferential prices, accompanied by a newsletter and recipes. This selection of wines will make the ideal choice for your dishes or the perfect addition to your cellar. You can also opt to receive all of the bottles at once.

Membership entitles you to a 15% discount on all of the domaine’s wines when ordered at our winery or numerous trade fairs.

You will also have the opportunity to visit the domaines and taste our vintages in our barrel warehouse or cellars upon appointment.

We offer group tastings for up to 6 guests including the club member.

You will also receive a VIP invitation to all of our tastings and events.

Calendar of quarterly send-outs


19 December 2020
2 White Château la Rouvière 2019
1 Red Château rouge 2004 (-20%)
1 Red Moulin des Costes 2012 (-20%)

-15 % + Transport 16 €
116.20= €


21 March 2020
2 Rosés 2020 Bandol Moulin des Costes
2  Red  2017  Bandol Château la Rouvière

Prices shared at the end of the year


Le 21 Juin 2020
2  Rosés 2020 Bandol Château de la Rouvière
2 White 2020 Bandol Moulin des Costes

Prices shared at the end of the year


21 September 2019
2 Red 2017 Bandol Charriage
2 Red 2018 Bandol Moulin des Costes

Prices shared at the end of the year